About Fynbos Bridal Boutique Pretoria

When Stephanie had the idea to own a bridal boutique, many thought it was an extravagant dream and a risk she should not take. But she had a bigger belief in herself. God gave her the strength, love and confidence to make it a success and grow Fynbos Bridal into a franchise, making Fynbos Bridal available to all South Africans.

Fynbos Bridal Boutique started just as an online store, but after a month, it transitioned into a physical store.

When Stephanie started doing fittings, she had 20 wedding dresses and held her fittings in her spare bedroom. Her dreams and ambition grew by the day, and she had to take many more risks over the months and years.

Fynbos Bridal Boutique became so popular that we had to move three times to bigger spaces, each time, we would set up from scratch, and in the following six months, we had to do it all over again. We grew into a team of 4. The team are all stars, and they were all Godsent; everyone plays a crucial part in running Fynbos Bridal Pretoria.

God has blessed us with a business that will keep on growing. He is the owner of this ship, Stephanie the captain, and the team the crew. We trust in Him, his will for us and our business.

We are blessed to walk a journey with all our brides and are incredibly excited for our future.

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