About Fynbos Bridal Boutique Cape Town

Yolandi Botha was running a successful hair salon in Pretoria when Stefanie – Founder of Fynbos Bridal Boutique – shared her dream from God to start franchising her business, and she wanted a franchise to open in Cape Town. Yolandi knew this was her calling because her husband had just learnt that his business was moving to the Cape, and the family had to relocate.

Yolandi has been involved in preparing brides for their big day since an early age; she’s always had a passion for all things related to weddings. Things fell into place quite quickly, and during the winter of 2020, the Fynbos Bridal Boutique Cape Town branch proudly opened its doors in Durbanville.

Since then the client base and demand have grown substantially, so much so that they had to move twice to bigger premises. They are now situated in the Bella Rosa Village in Durbanville.

Charmaine McGuinness came on board as Yolandi’s business partner in October 2022 after becoming involved with the business back in 2021. An experienced event production manager, Charmaine started assisting Yolandi with various aspects of the company, including intricate alterations on new brides’ wedding dresses. Her love for the business and its clients grew exponentially, and she soon joined Yolandi as co-owner.

Both Yolandi and Charmaine are passionate about all things bridal. This is a blessing to all who enter their boutique because they’ll ensure that your “big day” is an unforgettable experience!

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